C.Plath Compasses

C.Plath-Hamburg since 1837 -
our premium magnetic compasses

For generations the name C.Plath makes the hearts of skippers jump higher. After all, the magnetic compasses of C.Plath stand for a maximum of precision, reliability and quality since almost 150 years.


C.Plath magnetic compasses – a piece of vital seafaring history
Even today, in the age of satellite navigation, the magnetic compass belongs to the irreplaceable basic equipment of every ship. The magnetic compass is the only direction sign which functions totally independently of electric power supply and satellite reception.
One reason to decide in favour of a C.Plath magnetic compass.
The high-quality materials, which are being fitted in with a C.Plath magnetic compass, are the basis for its high quality and reliability. A C.Plath magnetic compass which is regularly being maintained, lasts and lasts ....


A real eye-catcher for every mate
From an optical point of view, a C.Plath magnetic compass has a lot to offer: Its socket of scratch-proof and impact resistant mineral glass dome features a crystal-clear transparency, underneath a clear and well-arranged compass card quietly and precisely indicates the direction.
Due to its anti-dazzle red lighting, the C.Plath magnetic compass is a joy for the eye even at night.


Technical data for magnetic compasses Merkur and Venus:
- Lubber line error ≤ 1°
- Deviation error ≤ 1°
- Friction error  ≤ 1°
- Lag error  ≤ 2°
- Oscillation period  ≥ 4,7 sec.
- Temperature range: - 30°C to 70°C